Pablo Pro (Madrid 1968) To transmit in a universal and timeless language is something inherent to Pablo Pro. An organic process which awakened him as a child through the magic of motion pictures and endowed him with an intuitive, curious and lively glance that pushed him to explore with a camera on his heart. Towards the end of the ´80s Pablo transferred from Madrid to London and soon after to a L.A. where he developed his career as D.P. and camera operator in documentaries, films and publicity.

Nurtured by an exquisite sensitivity, his further evolution back in Spain is marked by a meditative self-reflection that empowered him to evolve while returning back to his ground. Pro got back on his feet with photography, regaining his essence with the instant narrative that encapsules time depth, vision framing and frailty tenderness.

Pablo Pro is a generous and vivid artist that wholly exposes himself in every piece of art with the aim of sharing every step of his creative evolution, always working from his vulnerability.